Maximalist Living Room Designs

Create a vibrant and unique living space by incorporating maximalism into your interior design. With twelve maximalist living room ideas, you can unlock your creativity and make a room that expresses your personality! Try bold color palettes, striking patterns, eclectic furniture pieces, and maximalist wall art to create the perfect maximalist living room.


An Inviting Oasis of Comfort

Luxury Maximalist Living Room
Rich Luxury Living Room - This Living Room Epitomizes Maximalist Style With Its Striking Pastel Colors, Lush Furniture, And Unique Art Pieces. A Luxurious Navy Couch Stands Next To A Glass-Top Coffee Table While Two Armchairs Balance Out The Other Side Of The Room. A Geometric Rug Adds Dimension To The Space And Various Plants And Candles Provide An Inviting Atmosphere. Mounted On The Wall Is An Impressive Flat-Screen Smart Tv, Turning This Living Room Into The Ideal Home Entertainment Center.

This living room exudes luxury with its pastel colors, plush furniture and unique art pieces. A navy couch is complemented by a glass-top coffee table and two armchairs, while the geometric rug adds dimension. Plants, candles and a flat-screen smart TV create an inviting atmosphere that makes this the perfect home entertainment center.


Glamorous and Grand

Glam Maximalist Living Room
Boldly Elegant Living Room - An Eye-Catching Color Palette Of Rich Purple And Bold Gold Bring Energy And Style To This Glamorous Maximalist Living Room. A Velvet Tufted Couch Is Topped With Patterned Throw Pillows And A Luxurious Area Rug Showcases Its Intricate Details. A Mirrored Coffee Table Rests At The Center Of The Room, Surrounded By Modern Brass Accent Table Lamps And Beautiful Artwork. A Wall-Mounted Flat Screen Tv Ensures You Don’t Miss A Beat Of Your Favorite Shows.

This glamorous maximalist living room puts energy and style front and center with its bold colors of purple and gold. A velvet tufted couch with patterned pillows sits atop a luxurious rug, while a mirrored coffee table is surrounded by modern brass accent lamps and stunning art. Don’t miss a beat of your favorite shows with the wall-mounted flat screen TV.


A Playful Escape

Vibrant Maximalist Living Room
Colorful Eclectic Living Room - This Maximalist Living Room Provides A Whimsical Escape With Its Blend Of Eclectic Decor. A Terracotta-Toned Sofa Is Paired With A Bold Checkered Armchair While Patterned Pillows In Shades Of Blue, Pink, And Green Add Personality To The Room. A Hint Of Industrial Style Is Introduced By The Tv Mounted On The Wall And The Black Side Table Next To The Sofa. Colorful Artwork And Greenery Complete The Look For An Inviting Living Room Sure To Bring Joy To All.

This living room offers a unique and enjoyable escape with its vibrant decor. The terracotta-toned sofa pairs with a checkered armchair, while pillows in various colors create personality. An industrial style is added by the wall-mounted TV and black side table near the sofa. Artwork and greenery add to the inviting atmosphere, creating an overall joyful living space.


Retro Revival

Retro Maximalist Living Room
Artistic And Vibrant Living Room - Bringing Elements Of The 1970S Into The Modern-Day Is This Lively Maximalist Living Room. Armchairs And A Retro Sofa Of The Same Vibrant Hue Provide Seating, While A Geometric Patterned Rug Adds Flair To The Floor. Key Elements Such As A Unique Chandelier, Wall Art, And A Plant-Filled Corner Create An Artistic Energy While A Wood-Framed Flat-Screen Tv Adds Practical Functionality.

This living room brings a vibrant, ’70s-inspired style to the modern home. Armchairs and a retro sofa in a bright hue provide seating, while a geometric rug spices up the floor. A unique chandelier, wall art, and corner plants give an artistic look, and the wood-framed flat-screen TV adds practicality.


A Sophisticated Tasteful Abode

Modern Maximalist Living Room
Relaxed Modern Living Room - A Relaxed And Sophisticated Living Room Awaits In This Unique Maximalist Design. Grey Velvet Couches And Light Wooden Furniture Exude A Quiet, Calming Atmosphere While Pops Of Light Blue Add Brightness To The Room. Textured Area Rugs And Soft, Neutral Throw Pillows Put The Finishing Touches On The Crisp, Modern Vibe. A Sleek Wall-Mounted Flat-Screen Tv Completes The Design With Modern Convenience.

Create a calm, cozy space with this modern living room design! Grey velvet couches, soft pillows and light wooden furniture provide a relaxed atmosphere, while pops of light blue add brightness to the room. Neutral textured area rugs, along with the wall-mounted flat-screen TV, complete the sophisticated and modern look.


A Classic Collection

Traditional Maximalist Living Room
Timeless Traditional Living Room - This Traditional-Style Living Room Packs In A Peppering Of Maximalist Elements To Keep It From Feeling Stuffy. An Elegant Dark-Wood Entertainment Console Frames A Flat-Screen Tv And Sits Against A Deep Teal Wall. A Four-Seat Sofa Is Topped With Plush Patterned Pillows And A Rainbow Of Accent Chairs, Side Tables, And Area Rugs Add Vibrant Touches Of Color. Fresh Plants And Simple Artwork Bring Life To The Warm, Inviting Atmosphere.

This traditional living room offers a maximalist design to keep things from feeling too stiff. A dark-wood entertainment console frames the flat-screen TV against a deep teal wall, and a four-seat sofa is complemented by patterned cushions. Accent chairs, side tables, area rugs and artwork add splashes of color, while plants bring vibrancy and life to the inviting atmosphere.


Understated Grandeur

Elegant Maximalist Living Room
Contemporary Neutral Living Room - This Lovingly Layered Living Room Boasts A Range Of Chic, Neutral Tones, Creating A Grand And Elegant Atmosphere. An Impressive Light Gray Sofa Takes Center Stage While Two Modern Upholstered Armchairs Supply Added Seating. Scattered Books, A Woven Basket, And A Stately Clock Provide Added Detail While A Flat-Screen Tv Occupies The Wall To Provide Modern Convenience.

Create a grand and elegant atmosphere with this contemporary, neutral living room. Anchored by an impressive light gray sofa, two modern upholstered armchairs offer extra seating. Accessorize with books, a woven basket and a stately clock. Enjoy modern convenience from the flat-screen TV mounted on the wall.


Sunny and Stylish

Bright & Colorful Maximalist Living Room
Bright Boho Living Room - Sunshine Yellow And Bright White Combine To Create A Cheerful Atmosphere In This Maximalist Living Room. An Inviting White Linen Sofa Is Accompanied By Two Fuzzy Pink Armchairs For A Vibrant Boost. A Boho-Style Woven Rug Brings In Texture And A Natural Element, While A Bright Yellow Wall-Mounted Tv Adds A Hint Of Contrast. Plants, Candles, Books, And Artwork Create A Lively, Eclectic Feel.

This living room is full of life, with a cheerful yellow and white color palette. A white linen sofa pairs perfectly with two fuzzy pink armchairs for an inviting atmosphere. Woven rugs bring texture, while the wall-mounted TV offers a hint of contrast in bright yellow. Plants, candles, books, and artwork complete the look with a lively, eclectic feel.


Cozy Corner of Comfort

Rustic Maximalist Living Room
Richly Rustic Living Room - This Expanse Of This Rustic Maximalist Living Room Is Inviting And Comfortable. A Dark-Toned, Tufted Sectional Sofa And Matching Armchair Provide Seating For Friends And Family, While A Chic Rug And Vintage Side Table Finish The Corner. Natural Greenery, Iron Wall Artwork, And A Classic Wall-Mount Flat-Screen Bring Modern Convenience To The Cozy, Rustic Atmosphere.

Invite friends and family over to enjoy this comfortably rustic living room. Sink into a dark-hued, tufted sectional sofa and armchair and marvel at the chic rug and vintage side table filling out the corner. Contemporary amenities like natural greenery, iron wall artwork, and a classic flat-screen are welcome additions to the cozy atmosphere.


Majestic Majesty

Art Deco Maximalist Living Room
An Elaborate Art Deco Inspired Maximalist Living Room - An Incredible Blend Of Art Deco Style And Striking Maximalist Splendor Is Set Within This Luxurious Living Room. The Walls Are A Radiant Shade Of Dove Grey, The Perfect Canvas For Glimmering Mirrored Accents And Rounded Wall Scones. Set Atop The Marble-Pattern Carpet Lies An Expansive Cream Sofa With Ornately Patterned Cushions And Bolsters. An Extra Touch Of Lavishness Is Found In The Golden, Circular Coffee Table And The Larger Than Life Flat Screen Television Built Into The Wall. Every Inch Of This Magnificent Room Is As Majestic As It Is Unique.

This luxurious living room radiates Art Deco style and maximalist splendor. Dove grey walls reflect the glimmering mirrored accents and rounded wall sconces. A cream sofa with ornate cushions and bolsters is set atop a marble-pattern carpet, along with a golden, circular coffee table and a large flat screen television built into the wall. Every inch of this majestic room is unique.


Space to Spare

Luxury Maximalist Living Room
A Grandiose Maximalist Style Living Room - Leisurely Entertain Guests With This Vibrant And Inviting Maximalist Style Living Room. Deep Teal Walls Make A Backdrop For The Sophisticated Mix Of Textures And Colors, Including A Velvety Brown Velvet Sofa, Emerald Green Armchair, Oil-Wheel Patterned Ottomans, And A Dazzling Crystal Chandelier Hanging Above. On The Right Side Of The Room Stands A Large, Black Television That Glows Against The Walls. A Glossy White Round Coffee Table Keeps The Space Unified And Completes The Look Of Grandiose Charm.

Host guests in style with this grandiose maximalist living room. Rich teal walls provide a lively backdrop for the luxurious mix of colors and textures, such as a brown velvet sofa, emerald green armchair, oil-wheel patterned ottomans, and a stunning crystal chandelier. On one side of the room stands a large, bold black television that creates a striking contrast against the walls. A glossy white round coffee table ties the look together and gives the space its grandiose charm.


Prismatic Pop

Colorful Maximalist Living Room
A Striking Maximalist Living Room With Flair - This Living Room Is A Vibrant Mix Of Bold Colors And Opulent Furnishings For A Modern Maximalist Dream Come True! Against The Deep Green Walls, An Eye-Catching Rainbow Palette Of Furniture And Accents Come Alive. On The Left Hand Side Rests An Impressive Forest Green Chesterfield Sofa With Bright Purple And Turquoise Pillows Atop. This Flashes Beautifully Against The Cream Velvet Armchair Centered Beneath A Luxurious Navy Blue And Gold Velvet Drapery. Further Brightening The Scene Are A Pair Of Mirrored And Chrome Side Tables, Dazzling Artwork And A Grand, Pearl-White Television Screen.

This vibrant, maximalist living room dazzles with bold colors and opulent furnishings! You’ll find a forest green Chesterfield sofa against the deep green walls, topped with purple and turquoise pillows. In the center stands a cream velvet armchair beneath a luxurious navy blue and gold velvet drapery. Two mirrored and chrome side tables reflect the scene, plus dazzling artwork and a grand, pearl-white television.