Bold and Beautiful Purple Bedroom Designs to Try Now

Hey there, color lovers! Ready to dive into a world where purple isn’t just a color, but a lifestyle? We’ve lined up some of the coolest, quirkiest purple bedrooms from the chic minimalism of a city loft to the quaint allure of a rustic hideaway. These bedrooms aren’t just sleeping spaces; they’re bold statements in living color. So, fluff up those pillows and let’s jump right into the purple rain of ideas!

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Why Purple?

Purple, a blend of calming blue and stimulating red, evokes luxury, mystery, and creativity. It ranges from light lavender, associated with tranquility and relaxation, to deep royal purples, symbolizing opulence and sophistication. Using purple in a bedroom can create a soothing and elegant atmosphere.

Purple Color Palette Combinations

Decor Styles Suited to Purple

Purple brings an exciting versatility to bedroom decor. Imagine a modern minimalist space energized by deep, sophisticated purples, or a bohemian retreat bathed in whimsical lavenders and lilacs.

Picture the opulent luxury of Victorian settings with rich, dark velvet purples, and the drama of glam rooms where jewel tones meet metallic accents.

Muted purples in transitional styles blend classic charm with contemporary chic. Purple transforms any bedroom into a vibrant, stylish sanctuary that’s both serene and striking.

Color Psychology of Purple

Purple stimulates imagination, making it ideal for fostering a space for dreaming and creativity. Light purples like lavender are known for their calming properties, which help reduce stress and promote relaxation, beneficial for winding down before sleep. Darker purples exude a sense of richness and elegance, enhancing the bedroom’s luxurious feel.

Deep Purple Accent Wall In Modern Bedroom

Effects on Mood and Sleep Quality

  • Mood Enhancement: Purple can uplift the mood and create a serene environment. Lighter shades alleviate anxiety and promote peace, while deeper hues add elegance and warmth.
  • Sleep Quality: Light purples like lavender create a tranquil environment conducive to good sleep, helping lower heart rates and relaxing the mind.
  • Balanced Stimulation: Purple offers a balanced mix of stimulation and calmness, ideal for both relaxation and creativity without overwhelming the senses.

Practical Tips for Using Purple in a Bedroom

  1. Accent Walls: A rich, dark purple accent wall adds depth and a focal point without overwhelming the space.
  2. Soft Furnishings: Incorporate shades of purple in bedding, throw pillows, and curtains for a cohesive and inviting look. Light purples can make the room feel calm and restful.
  3. Accessories: Use purple lamps, vases, or artwork to subtly introduce the color, keeping the room balanced.
  4. Balance with Neutrals: Pair purple with neutral tones like grey, white, or beige to highlight purple’s regal qualities.
  5. Layering Shades: Combine various shades of purple to add dimension. A gradient from light to dark creates a visually interesting and harmonious environment.
Minimalist Bedroom With Purple Throw Pillows

Using purple thoughtfully can transform a bedroom into a serene retreat or a lavish sanctuary, enhancing both aesthetic appeal and psychological well-being, fostering a space that is both beautiful and conducive to restful sleep.

Now, let’s dive into some stunning purple bedroom ideas that showcase the color’s versatility and charm across various styles, giving you endless inspiration for creating a stylish sanctuary.

Art Deco Purple Bedroom Splendor

Purple Art Deco Bedroom Featuring A Large Floral Painting Above A Dark Bed, Purple Bedding, And Deep Purple Curtains.

This purple bedroom dazzles with a modern art deco style, featuring a striking purple tulip canvas above the bed and elegant recessed lighting that enhances the room’s geometric ceiling design.


  • Floral Canvas Artwork
  • Modern Recessed Lighting
  • Deep Purple Velvet Curtains
  • Luxurious Purple Comforter Set
  • Contemporary Nightstands

Lavish Baroque Purple Bedroom

Opulent Baroque Bedroom With Purple Walls, Velvet Curtains, A Crystal Chandelier, And Golden Mirrors.

Lavishly appointed in baroque style, this bedroom features an opulent crystal chandelier, luxurious purple drapery, and ornate golden mirrors enhancing its majestic purple walls.


  • Crystal Chandelier
  • Velvet Drapery
  • Golden Decorative Mirrors
  • Baroque-style Bed Frame
  • Plush Purple Bedding

Cozy Purple Bohemian Bedroom

Bohemian Bedroom With Deep Purple Bedding, Eclectic Wall Art, And Unique Pendant Lights.

This cozy bohemian bedroom exudes a relaxed charm with its rich purple tones, eclectic decor, and warm lighting from unique hanging pendants.


  • Unique Pendant Lighting
  • Eclectic Wall Art
  • Rustic Wood Furniture
  • Cozy Purple Throw Blankets
  • Woven Rugs

Playful Purple Contemporary Bedroom

Contemporary Bedroom With Purple Walls, Smiley-Face Artwork, Metallic Bedside Lamps, And Plush Purple Bedding.

This vibrant bedroom combines contemporary design with playful elements, highlighted by whimsical smiley-face artwork and a rich purple palette.


  • Smiley-Face Artwork
  • Metallic Bedside Lamps
  • Purple Velvet Curtains
  • Soft Purple Comforter
  • Plush Carpet

Elegant Gothic Purple Bedroom

Gothic Bedroom With Deep Purple Walls, Luxurious Velvet Drapes, A Crystal Chandelier, And An Ornate Mirror.

This bedroom exudes gothic elegance with its dramatic purple hues, luxurious drapes, and an ornate crystal chandelier.


  • Crystal Chandelier
  • Velvet Drapes
  • Ornate Mirror
  • Gothic-style Bed Frame
  • Luxurious Purple Bedding

Urban Industrial Purple Bedroom

Industrial Bedroom With Exposed Brick Walls, Modern Purple And White Bedding, Contemporary Art, And Urban-Style Lighting.

An urban chic purple bedroom that combines industrial aesthetics with soft accents, featuring exposed brick and modern art.


  • Exposed Brick Walls
  • Modern Art Pieces
  • Contemporary Bed Frame
  • Soft Purple Bedding
  • Industrial Style Lighting

Luxurious Purple Velvet Bedroom

Luxurious Purple Bedroom With Velvet Drapery, Crystal Chandelier, And Plush Bedding.

This bedroom combines luxury and drama with lush velvet drapery and a stunning crystal chandelier, creating a regal purple haven.


  • Crystal Chandelier
  • Velvet Drapery
  • Plush Purple Bedding
  • Elegant Nightstands
  • Decorative Pillows

Sumptuous Purple Bedroom Design

Luxury Bedroom With A Large Tufted Headboard, Sumptuous Purple Bedding, And Plush Purple Throw.

This luxury bedroom is a testament to plush living, featuring a tufted headboard and sumptuous purple bedding that provide both comfort and style.


  • Tufted Headboard
  • Sumptuous Purple Bedding
  • Plush Purple Throw
  • Elegant Nightstands
  • Soft Area Rug

Sleek Minimalist Purple Bedroom

Minimalist Purple Bedroom With Sleek Furniture, Modern Artwork, And Streamlined Bedding.

This minimalist bedroom features sleek lines and a modern aesthetic, highlighted by a simple yet stylish purple theme.


  • Sleek Bed Frame
  • Modern Artwork
  • Minimalist Nightstands
  • Contemporary Lamps
  • Streamlined Bedding

Bold Artistic Purple Bedroom

Modern Purple Bedroom With Large Abstract Art Pieces, Luxurious Purple Bedding, And Dark Leather Furniture.

This bedroom radiates a bold artistic vibe, showcased by the dramatic abstract art on its deep purple walls. Plush purple textiles and rich, dark furniture blend seamlessly, creating a space that’s as inviting as it is striking.


  • Abstract Wall Art
  • Luxurious Purple Bedding
  • Dark Leather Furniture
  • Elegant Table Lamp
  • Textured Purple Rug

Sustainable Purple Bedroom Design

Eco-Friendly Purple Bedroom With Large Windows, Minimalist Furniture, And Soft Purple Bedding.

This bedroom pairs sustainability with style, featuring eco-friendly materials and large windows that invite natural light to enhance the soft purple hues. A simple, clean design with purple accents creates a serene and environmentally conscious retreat.


  • Eco-Friendly Materials
  • Large Windows
  • Soft Purple Bedding
  • Minimalist Furniture
  • Large Purple Area Rug

Futuristic Purple Bedroom Innovation

Futuristic Purple Bedroom With Integrated Lighting, Curved Design Elements, And Minimalist Furniture.

This bedroom leaps into the future with its innovative design, featuring curved lines and integrated lighting that casts a soft purple glow, creating an almost otherworldly ambiance.

The sleek, minimalist furniture and smart technology enhance the room’s modernity and comfort.


  • Integrated Lighting
  • Curved Design Elements
  • Minimalist Furniture
  • Smart Home Technology
  • Soft Purple Accents

Sophisticated Monochrome Purple Bedroom

Elegant Purple Bedroom With A Monochrome Palette, Featuring A Velvet Headboard, Led Lighting, And Plush Carpet.

This bedroom is a masterpiece of monochrome styling, where various shades of purple blend seamlessly with luxurious textures to create a sophisticated and cohesive space.

The plush velvet headboard and ambient LED lighting elevate the room’s allure, making it a true retreat.


  • Velvet Headboard
  • LED Ambient Lighting
  • Plush Purple Carpet
  • Luxurious Bedding
  • Monochrome Color Scheme

Airy Open Concept Purple Bedroom

Modern Open Concept Bedroom With Large Windows, Minimalist Design, And Soft Purple Accents.

This open space concept bedroom merges modern design with natural elements, featuring expansive windows that allow ample natural light to accentuate the soft purple accents and wooden details.

The minimalistic decor and uncluttered space offer a breath of fresh air, emphasizing comfort and openness.


  • Large Windows
  • Natural Light
  • Wooden Paneling
  • Minimalist Furniture
  • Large Area Rug

Purple Bedroom with Glass Accents

Modern Purple Bedroom With Sleek Glass Nightstands, Contemporary Artwork, And Bold Purple Bedding.

Modernity meets elegance in this purple bedroom, where sleek glass elements integrate flawlessly with a bold purple color scheme.

The glass nightstands and contemporary artwork create a dynamic interplay of reflections and colors, crafting a visually stimulating yet serene environment


  • Glass Nightstands
  • Contemporary Artwork
  • Bold Purple Throws
  • Modern Lamps
  • Glass Chandelier

Lavender Comfort Modern Bedroom

Modern Purple Bedroom 1

This bedroom embraces a calming lavender palette, softened further by a tufted headboard and complementing throw blankets that invite relaxation.

The purple rose artwork adds a romantic touch, enhancing the room’s serene and cozy ambiance.


  • Tufted Headboard
  • Lavender Throw Blankets
  • Purple Rose Artwork
  • Soft Purple Curtains
  • Elegant Bedside Lamp

Vibrant Purple Floral Bedroom

Romantic Purple Bedroom With Floral Accents 2

This lively bedroom dazzles with its deep purple walls and matching curtains, creating a vibrant backdrop for the white and purple floral bedding. The overhead ambient lighting softens the intense colors, making the space feel warm and inviting.


  • Deep Purple Walls
  • Floral Bedding
  • Purple Curtains
  • Ambient Overhead Lighting
  • Contemporary Art Pieces

Rustic Purple Country Bedroom

Rustic Bedroom With Exposed Wooden Beams, Floral Art, Deep Purple Curtains, And Cozy Bedding.

This charming bedroom blends rustic warmth with vibrant purple hues, creating a cozy country retreat.

Exposed wooden beams highlight the room’s natural architecture, complemented by floral framed art and rich, deep purple curtains that add a touch of elegance and comfort.


  • Exposed Wooden Beams
  • Floral Framed Art
  • Deep Purple Curtains
  • Cozy Bedding
  • Traditional Wood Furniture

Minimalist Scandinavian Purple Bedroom

Minimalist Scandinavian Bedroom With Soft Purple Accents, Large Windows, And Contemporary Furniture.

This bedroom epitomizes Scandinavian simplicity, featuring a minimalist design with clean lines and a muted purple palette that soothes the senses.

The natural light from large windows accentuates the soft purple accents and contemporary furniture, creating a serene and airy space.


  • Minimalist Design
  • Soft Purple Accents
  • Black Pendant Lights
  • Contemporary Furniture
  • Large Area Rug

Elegant Antique Purple Bedroom

Vintage Purple Bedroom With Antique Elegance

This bedroom is a nod to the past with its vintage charm and elegant purple tones.

Antique furniture and ornate decorations create a timeless feel, while the plush purple bedding adds a layer of luxury and comfort that invites one to unwind in style.


  • Antique Furniture
  • Ornate Decorations
  • Plush Purple Bedding
  • Elegant Drapery
  • Vintage Art Pieces

We hope you’ve enjoyed this colorful journey through a spectrum of purple bedrooms. Each one, with its unique flair and design, showcases the power of purple to create distinct, inviting atmospheres. Whether you’re considering a redesign or just dreaming of color schemes, let these examples inspire your next project. Remember, the perfect bedroom is not just seen—it’s felt.

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