Industrial Style Bathroom Ideas

If you’re in search of fresh and innovative industrial bathroom inspiration, then look no further! We have compiled the best collection of 12 unique industrial style bathrooms to provide you with plenty of ideas for your own design.

Featuring exposed pipes, modern lighting fixtures, and aged steel accents, these bathrooms are sure to ignite some creative energy. Whether you are an expert in interior design or just looking to add a little edge, these industrial bathrooms will get your gears turning!


Urban Luxury

Industrial Style Modern Bathroom
Urban Luxury Industrial Style Bathroom

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This lavish bathroom offers a hybrid of modern and industrial finishes, cleverly marrying black and white hues. A high-end aesthetic is achieved through glossy black fixtures with gleaming chrome edging, while the walls are clothed in pristine white paint.


Timeless Industrial

Vintage Inspired Industrial Bathroom
Timeless Industrial Bathroom

This industrial bathroom is a feast for the eyes, mixing modern and vintage-inspired elements. The showstopper is the classic clawfoot tub, while the sink and toilet boast sleek black enamel finishes. The walls are painted a tranquil shade of grey, complemented by an eye-catching exposed brick feature wall to underscore the industrial-chic look.


Modern Industrial

Sleek Modern Industrial Bathroom
Modern Industrial Bathroom

This contemporary-industrial bathroom showcases a sleek black and white color scheme. Matte black sink and toilet her complimented by a modern chrome-trimmed shower, while bright white walls are set off by stainless steel fixtures, creating an effortlessly chic atmosphere.


Refined Industrial

Classic Industrial Style Bathroom
Refined Industrial Bathroom

Adorned with modern and classic pieces, this industrial-style bathroom exudes sophistication. Its pristine white sink and toilet gleam against the deep gray backdrop of the walls. An exposed brick feature serves as a stunning accent, further amplifying the atmosphere of industrial character. Adding to this, a timeless clawfoot tub resides in the shower, completing the look.


Industrial Minimalism

Minimalistic & Industrial Style Bathroom
Industrial Minimalism Bathroom

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This modern bathroom is decorated in a minimalist industrial style featuring a sophisticated black and white color scheme. The contemporary black-finished toilet and sink are complemented by a glass-encased shower stall. To add a special flair to the room, gleaming stainless steel fixtures adorn the walls painted a crisp white. Together, these elements elevate the ambience of the space for a luxe look.


Rustic Industrial

Rustic Look Industrial Bathroom
Rustic Industrial Bathroom

A carefully crafted industrial-rustic bathroom is presented with a striking blend of present-day features and timeless pieces. The lavatory and commode flaunt a weathered black finish while the showertub boasts an iconic clawfoot design. In addition, deep grey walls envelop the room with edgy exposed brickwork providing the industrial flair.


Industrial Elegance

Sophisticated Industrial Bathroom
Industrial Elegance

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An industrial-inspired bathroom is awash in a sophisticated black and white color palette. Showcasing a pristine white toilet and an immaculate polished black sink, this chic space is finished with a modern glass-enclosed shower stall. Soft grey walls, combined with chrome fixtures for a touch of modernity, add a timeless style to this well-informed look.


Industrial Charm

Traditional Style Industrial Bathroom
Industrial Charm Bathroom

This stylish industrial-inspired bathroom radiates with a modern and vintage aesthetic. The sink and toilet gleam in an intricate white patina, complemented by the timeless look of a clawfoot Bath/shower. Grey walls provide a perfect backdrop for rustic exposed brick elements, delivering a stunning visual impact.


Industrial Revival

Transitional Industrial Style Bathroom
Industrial Revival Bathroom

This bathroom features a mix of contemporary and vintage elements, making a charming statement. The sink and toilet are both finished in sleek black enamel, while the shower gleams from its timeless clawfoot tub. Bright white walls contrast with industrial fixtures for a rustic look and feel.


Industrial Glamour

Luxurious Industrial Style Bathroom
Industrial Glamour Bathroom

This sophisticated bathroom features an industrial design, with a bold black and white color scheme. The toilet and sink are framed in a polished black finish, with the shower encased in a modern glass stall. Soft grey walls complete the look, while chrome fixtures add an unmistakably contemporary touch.


Industrial Sophistication

Sleek & Modern Industrial Style Bathroom
Industrial Sophistication Bathroom

Adorned with a sleek industrial aesthetic, this bathroom exudes sophistication. The shower is an immaculate glass-enclosed sanctuary while the walls are illuminated in crisp white and fitted with gleaming stainless steel accents, imparting a modern vibe.


Industrial Chic

Industrial Style Bathroom with Vintage Elements
Industrial Chic Bathroom

This chicly designed industrial-style bathroom seamlessly blends modern and vintage elements. The sink and toilet are coated in a stylishly distressed black finish, while the shower takes the form of a timeless clawfoot tub. On the walls, a powerful grey hue is magnified by an exposed brick accent wall for a truly captivating yet modern industrial feel.