How To Incorporate Egg Chairs Into Small Spaces

Have you ever felt like your home is missing something? Like a piece of furniture that could bring life and energy to the room, but you don’t have enough space for it? Egg chairs are an excellent solution. They add instant style and comfort without taking up too much room.

Imagine yourself lounging back with a good book or curled up on one after a long day—the soft surface cradling you as if in a comforting embrace. The chair gives off a sense of luxury and sophistication while still managing to fit into tight spaces effortlessly.

Egg chairs also come in various colors and styles so they can easily be incorporated into existing decor schemes. From classic velvet tufted designs to cool contemporary shapes, there’s something out there for everyone! With some guidance from me, you’ll know exactly how to make these unique pieces work in even the smallest homes. Read on to learn more about incorporating egg chairs into small spaces!


An egg chair is an iconic lounge, swivel or hanging chair that has a distinctive oval-shaped design. It’s often made out of metal frames and upholstery fabric like leather or velvet, but there are also more modern designs with plastic shells and mesh covers. The unique shape of the egg chair makes it ideal for small spaces since it doesn’t take up much floor space. And its curved backrest provides support for your lower back while you relax in comfort. So if you’re looking to add a touch of style to your home without taking up too much room, an egg chair could be just what you need!

Macro Shot Of The Egg Chairs Intricate Weaving

Types Of Egg Chairs

When it comes to furnishing small spaces with egg chairs, there are a variety of options available. From hanging egg chairs that can be suspended from the ceiling to modern swivel designs and traditional leather or wicker models, there’s an egg chair for every style.

Hanging egg chairs provide an eye-catching focal point in a room while saving floor space. They’re perfect for creating a cozy reading nook or adding a touch of glamour to any bedroom setting. For those looking for something more contemporary, swivel egg chairs come in many different shapes and sizes and offer great flexibility when it comes to arranging furniture. Leather versions are also popular as they add a sense of sophistication to any décor. Finally, woven wicker designs provide both comfort and durability in even the most challenging interior design settings.

A Hanging Egg Chair Is Situated In A Cozy Contemporary Living Room

Benefits Of Egg Chairs In Small Spaces

Spacious style, space-saving seating! Egg chairs are a great way to bring some flair and function into small spaces. With their sleek design, egg chairs can be used in any area that needs a modern touch without taking up too much room. They make an ideal choice for living rooms, bedrooms, or home offices where you want to add both comfort and ambiance.

Not only do egg chairs offer plenty of cozy seating, but they also act as stylish statement pieces for your decor. Depending on the pattern or color you choose, these unique chairs can become the focal point of any room. Plus, with so many options available – from classic leather designs to vibrant velvet fabrics – there’s sure to be something perfect for your own personal style.

Egg chairs provide a sense of luxury while still saving valuable floor space in smaller areas. Whether you have limited square footage or just like maximizing every inch of your home, these attractive furnishings will help you achieve the look you desire without overcrowding the room.

Measurement Tips For Selecting An Egg Chair

Now that you know some of the benefits of incorporating egg chairs into small spaces, it’s time to discuss how to measure and select an egg chair. Egg chairs come in various sizes depending on your space requirements, so getting the right measurements is key for adding one to a smaller room or area.

First, take accurate measurements of the specific area where you plan on placing your egg chair. Measure out both width and length dimensions with precision so you can be sure to pick an appropriately sized chair. Secondly, consider the overall layout of the room and any other furniture pieces when selecting an egg chair size. Don’t forget to account for extra space around the edges as well; once placed, there should still be plenty of walking room left over!

Then make sure that all aspects of the egg chair – including its height and armrests – fit within your desired design aesthetic and are comfortable for anyone who may use it. If possible, try sitting in a few different options before committing to one particular style or size. This will help ensure that no matter what shape or size of egg chair you decide upon, it will look great in your small space while providing optimal comfort levels.

Measuring The Area For An Egg Chair Placement

Placement Ideas For Egg Chairs

Coincidentally, egg chairs are the perfect way to bring a cozy corner into even the smallest of spaces. With their unique shape and design, they can be arranged in various ways to create an inviting atmosphere no matter how small the room may be. Here are some great placement ideas for when you’re working with a smaller space:

  • Place your egg chair near a window for natural light and beautiful views.
  • Create a reading nook by positioning it next to bookcases or shelves filled with books.
  • Arrange several pieces of furniture around it so that it becomes the focal point of the room.

These specific locations will help define the style and theme of your room while still allowing for plenty of movement throughout. As far as arrangement goes, make sure you keep things open and airy without overcrowding any one area too much—this will ensure that your egg chair looks its best no matter where you decide to place it!

An Egg Chair Is Placed Near A Large Panoramic Window

Decorating Around An Egg Chair

Decorating around an egg chair can be a tricky endeavor, especially when it comes to small spaces. But with the right interior styling and color schemes, you can make your space look chic and modern while making the most of your furniture choices. Here are some tips for decorating around an egg chair in small spaces:

Color SchemesAccessories
Neutral tonesThrow pillows
Bold colorsWall art
Warm huesLamps

When it comes to selecting a color scheme for an egg chair in a small space, aim for neutral tones or warm hues which create a cozy atmosphere without overwhelming the room. If you prefer something bolder, try using monochromatic colors or vibrant accents that complement the existing design elements of your home. To add texture and interest to the area, incorporate accessories such as throw pillows, wall art, rugs, lamps and other decorative items that echo the hue palette within the room. This will help draw attention away from any awkward corners or tight spots and give your space a unified aesthetic.

Egg Chair Styled With Accessories And A Matching Color

Maintenance And Care

Creating an inviting and stylish space with egg chairs can be a challenge in small spaces. But, if done right, it can create an incredibly cozy atmosphere that your guests will love. With the proper maintenance and care of your egg chair, you can keep its style for years to come. Here are some tips on how to maintain the quality of your egg chair:

  • Cleaning: Regularly vacuum or brush off the fabric of your egg chair to remove dirt and debris. Spot clean any spills as soon as possible using a mild detergent diluted in water and spot test before applying it directly onto the upholstery.
  • Fabric Choice: When selecting a fabric for your egg chair, look for materials that are durable and easy-to-clean such as polyester blends which are known for their stain resistance properties. Avoid fabrics like velvet or other delicate materials that require more frequent cleaning or specialized products when cleaning them.
  • Protection: If you plan on having kids around or just want extra protection from everyday wear and tear, consider getting a slipcover or protective cushion covers for your egg chair. This way you won’t have to worry about any accidental stains ruining the upholstery over time!

Maintaining an egg chair isn’t difficult but does take some effort on behalf of its owner. By taking good care of it; regular vacuuming, spot cleaning spills immediately, choosing appropriate fabrics and protecting it against future damage through covers – you ensure that no matter what size space you have, your beautiful piece is kept looking great during all seasons!

Person Cleaning An Egg Chair


The egg chair is a great choice for small spaces, as it adds style and comfort without taking up too much room. With the right selection of size, type, and placement, you can create an inviting atmosphere that will make your space feel larger than it actually is!

But how do you know if incorporating an egg chair into your décor is the right move? The best way to answer that question would be to ask yourself one: Do I want to add an eye-catching accent piece while simultaneously creating a cozy seating area in my home? If so, then investing in an egg chair may just be the perfect solution.

In conclusion, when done correctly, adding an egg chair to your small space can provide both visual appeal and functional seating. As long as you consider size, positioning, and maintenance requirements when making your selection, you’ll have no problem transforming any cramped space into a chic sanctuary.

Small Space With An Egg Chair As A Focal Point

With these tips and ideas, you can confidently incorporate an egg chair into your small space, enhancing its style and functionality while creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy.