21 Emerald Green Bedrooms That Redefine Modern Luxury

From the runway to interior design, emerald green is a trend that’s here to stay. Here, we present 20 modern bedroom designs incorporating this rich, versatile color in various ways. Prepare to transform your bedroom into an emerald-green oasis.

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Emerald Sunflower BlissSunflower Modern Emerald Bedroom

Sunflower Modern Emerald Bedroom

Decor Style: Modern Luxury

This dazzling bedroom combines the luxury of emerald and gold with the natural beauty of a sunflower wall, creating a blissful atmosphere.

Key Features

  • Emerald and gold bedding
  • Sunflower Wall Decor
  • Emerald and gold color scheme
  • Artificial Sunflowers
  • Golden Wall Lamps

Emerald EleganceLuxurious Modern Emerald Bedroom

Decor Style: Modern Luxury

“Emerald Elegance” exudes luxury with its plush bed and gold accents. The emerald green backdrop sets a regal tone.

Key Features

  • Upholstered emerald bed
  • Emerald green accent wall
  • Gold-framed mirrors
  • Crystal chandelier
  • Gold and emerald bedding

Urban Emerald OasisSleek Modern Emerald Bedroom

Sleek Modern Emerald Bedroom

Decor Style: Modern

The Urban Emerald Oasis Bedroom is a modern sanctuary in the city. The emerald green accent wall adds a vibrant, contemporary touch.

Key Features

  • Low-profile platform bed
  • Emerald green accent wall
  • Floating wooden shelf
  • Glass pendant light
  • Gray area rug

Emerald ZenCalm Modern Emerald Bedroom

Calm Modern Emerald Bedroom

Decor Style: Modern Zen

“Emerald Zen” offers a tranquil escape with its minimalist design. The emerald headboard and natural accents create a calming atmosphere.

Key Features

  • Minimalist platform bed
  • Wall-mounted emerald headboard
  • Potted plants
  • Bamboo accents
  • White and emerald bedding

Emerald LoftModern Emerald Bedroom Loft

Modern Emerald Bedroom Loft

Decor Style: Modern Industrial

“Emerald Loft” maximizes space with its loft bed and built-in desk. The emerald and black color scheme adds a modern edge.

Key Features

  • Loft-style bed
  • Built-in desk
  • Exposed brick wall
  • Industrial lighting
  • Emerald and black bedding

Emerald SerenityModern Emerald Bedroom

Modern Emerald Bedroom Retreat

Decor Style: Modern Romantic

Emerald Serenity is a peaceful bedroom retreat with its four-poster bed and cozy reading nook. The emerald accent wall sets a serene mood.

Key Features

  • Four-poster bed
  • Sheer white drapes
  • Cozy reading nook
  • Plush area rug
  • Emerald and white bedding

Emerald FusionEclectic Modern Emerald Bedroom

Eclectic Modern Emerald Bedroom

Decor Style: Modern Eclectic

This bedroom combines modern and vintage elements for an eclectic feel. The emerald dresser and patterned bedding are standout features.

Key Features

  • Vintage emerald dresser
  • Modern platform bed
  • Gallery wall
  • Moroccan rug
  • Patterned bedding

Emerald MinimalismStreamlined Modern Emerald Bedroom

Streamlined Modern Emerald Bedroom

Decor Style: Modern Minimalist

The Emerald Minimalism is a bedroom that embraces simplicity with its clean lines and muted color palette. The oversized wall art serves as a focal point.

Key Features

  • Simple platform bed
  • Oversized wall art
  • Floating nightstand
  • Hidden lighting
  • Emerald and beige bedding

Emerald GetawayLuxurious Modern Emerald Bedroom

Modern Emerald Bedroom Escape

Decor Style: Modern Luxury

The Emerald Getaway offers a luxurious escape with its canopy bed and built-in fireplace. The seating area adds an extra layer of comfort.

Key Features

  • Canopy bed
  • Built-in fireplace
  • Cozy seating area
  • Large potted plant
  • Emerald and navy bedding

Emerald HeightsElevated Modern Emerald Bedroom

Elevated Modern Emerald Bedroom

Decor Style: Modern Functional

Emerald Heights elevates modern living with its raised platform bed and under-bed lighting. The compact workspace is a practical addition.

Key Features

  • Raised platform bed
  • Under-bed lighting
  • Wall-mounted TV
  • Compact workspace
  • Dark wood flooring

Emerald HarmonyBalanced Modern Emerald Bedroom

Balanced Modern Emerald Bedroom

Decor Style: Modern Balanced

Emerald Harmony achieves balance through its symmetrical design. The geometric rug and taupe accents add depth and warmth.

Key Features

  • Symmetrical design
  • Twin nightstands
  • Matching wall sconces
  • Geometric rug
  • Emerald and taupe bedding

Emerald SolitudeModern Emerald Bedroom Oasis

Modern Emerald Bedroom Oasis

Decor Style: Modern Intellectual

“Emerald Solitude” is a reader’s paradise with its built-in bookshelf and daybed. The skylight brings in natural light for a serene reading experience.

Key Features

  • Daybed with trundle
  • Built-in bookshelf
  • Skylight
  • Emerald and gray bedding

Emerald VogueModern Glam Emerald Bedroom

Fashion Forward Modern Emerald Bedroom

Decor Style: Modern Glam

Emerald Vogue is a fashionista’s dream with its velvet bed and fashion-themed decor. The mirrored dresser adds a touch of glamour.

Key Features

  • Velvet upholstered bed
  • Fashion-themed wall art
  • Mirrored dresser
  • High headboard
  • Emerald and black bedding

Emerald BreezeAiry Modern Emerald Bedroom

Airy Modern Emerald Bedroom

Decor Style: Modern

Emerald Breeze offers an airy escape with its French doors and light fabrics. The wrought-iron bed adds a classic touch to the modern setting.

Key Features

  • Wrought-iron bed
  • French doors
  • Ceiling fan
  • Light, airy curtains
  • Emerald and white bedding

Emerald StudioCompact Modern Emerald Bedroom

Compact Modern Emerald Bedroom

Decor Style: Modern

This bedroom is perfect for compact living, featuring a Murphy bed and a wall-mounted desk. The emerald accents add a pop of color.

Key Features

  • Murphy bed
  • Wall-mounted desk
  • Floating shelves
  • Home office setup
  • Emerald and beige bedding

Emerald RetreatElegant Modern Emerald Bedroom

Secluded Modern Emerald Bedroom

Decor Style: Urban Elegant

This beautiful secluded haven has a corner fireplace and bay window seating. The sleigh bed adds a touch of elegance.

Key Features

  • Sleigh bed
  • Corner fireplace
  • Bay window seating
  • fireplace surround
  • Emerald and cream bedding

Emerald DreamWhimsical Modern Emerald Bedroom

Whimsical Modern Emerald Bedroom

Decor Style: Modern Whimsical

The Emerald Dream captures the imagination with fairy lights and whimsical wall decals. The canopy bed adds a dreamy touch.

Key Features

  • Canopy bed with fairy lights
  • Whimsical wall decals
  • Plush area rug
  • Emerald and lavender bedding
  • Dreamy atmosphere

Emerald ChicSophisticated Modern Bedroom

Sophisticated Modern Emerald Bedroom

Decor Style: Modern

This is the epitome of sophistication with its wingback bed and mirrored furniture. The crystal chandelier adds a luxurious touch.

Key Features

  • Wingback bed
  • Mirrored nightstand
  • Crystal chandelier
  • Emerald and silver bedding
  • Sophisticated atmosphere

Emerald AdventurePlayful Modern Emerald Bedroom

Playful Modern Emerald Bedroom

Decor Style: Modern Playful

Emerald Adventure is perfect for kids and the young-at-heart, featuring a loft bed with a slide and a tent-style reading nook.

Key Features

  • Loft bed with slide
  • Tent-style reading nook
  • Adventure-themed wall art
  • Jungle-themed bedding
  • Playful atmosphere

Emerald SerenadeModern Emerald Bedroom

Musical Modern Emerald Bedroom

Decor Style: Modern

Emerald Serenade is a music lover’s paradise, featuring a bed with built-in speakers and guitars on stands.

Key Features

  • Platform bed with built-in speakers
  • Wall-mounted guitar
  • Vinyl record decor
  • Emerald and black bedding
  • Musical atmosphere

Emerald WellnessRelaxing Modern Emerald Bedroom

Decor Style: Modern

This room prioritizes relaxation and well-being, featuring an adjustable bed with a massage feature and a mini yoga space.

Key Features

  • Adjustable bed
  • Mini yoga space
  • Wall-mounted aromatherapy diffuser
  • Emerald and white bedding
  • Wellness-focused atmosphere

As we’ve seen, emerald green is a versatile color that can adapt to various modern bedroom styles. Each design offers a unique take on this vibrant hue, from the whimsical to the sophisticated. We hope you’ve found the perfect emerald green inspiration for your bedroom makeover.