Black Industrial Style Kitchen Ideas

As the trend towards industrial style décor continues to surge, many households are seeking to bring this mesmerizing aesthetic into their kitchens. Black industrial design kitchens are especially favored due to the powerful and stylish vibe they exude.

From dark cabinets to remarkable lighting fixtures, industrial-style appliances and decorations – there are countless avenues to make a gorgeous black industrial kitchen. In this article, you’ll find some of the most inspiring ideas for crafting an alluring black industrial kitchen!


Subway Black

Industrial Black Kitchen with Subway Tiles
Industrial Edge Black Kitchen With Subway Tile

Experience the boldness of black, with subway tile backsplash and metal cabinets. Industrial-style lighting fixtures give off a modern edge, making this kitchen a unique one-of-a-kind that’s sure to stand out from the rest.


Monochrome Metal

Matte Black Kitchen with Metallic Sparkle
Subdued Shine Matte Black Kitchen With Metallic Accents

Make your kitchen look like a work of art with an elegant, industrial design featuring matte black creations and shimmery silver accents. Enchant guests and family alike with this stylishly modern look that strikingly blends sophisticated and industrial.


Culinary Oasis

Monochrome Kitchen with Industrial Pendant Lights
Modern Monochrome Black And White Kitchen With Industrial

Step into a culinary utopia with a modern black and white kitchen, featuring sleek black countertops, crisp white cabinets, and industrial pendant lights hanging from the ceiling. This unique blend of stylishness and practicality will bring your cooking dreams to life!


Midnight Revival

Industrial Kitchen: Black & Wood w/ Exposed Pipes
Industrial Chic Black And Wood Kitchen With Exposed Pipes

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Create a modern and stylish industrial feel in your kitchen with bold black cabinets, rustic wood countertops, and sleek exposed pipes. Make a statement and transform your home into an edgy yet inviting space.


Steel Inspire

Black Industrial-Style Kitchen with Steel Appliances
Steel And Stone Black And Gray Kitchen With Steel Appliances

This kitchen space features an intriguing blend of black, gray and steel tones to create a truly unique industrial aesthetic. Sleek steel appliances counter the raw texture of stone countertops for an arresting visual experience.


Industrial Elegance

Stylish Industrial Kitchen with Exposed Brick and Steel
Industrial Accents Black Kitchen With Exposed Brick

Inject a unique touch into your kitchen with an urban-industrial design. Black cabinets, exposed brick walls, and sleek lighting fixtures combine to create a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic that will have you eager to show off your culinary masterpieces.


Brazen Marble

Modern Kitchen: Black, Marble, & Steel
Dark And Dramatic Black Kitchen With Marble And Steel

Transform your kitchen into a modern masterpiece with an infusion of black and marble. Create a dramatic effect by pairing steel cabinets, industrial-style lighting fixtures, and our signature marble countertops. Make a bold statement that echoes throughout your home.


Urban Eclipse

Urban Kitchen: Black, Wood, and Concrete
Urban Vibe Black Kitchen With Wood And Concrete

Dare to make a statement with a sleek, contemporary black kitchen. Balance the gorgeous richness of the deep black cabinets and concrete floors with industrial-style light fixtures for an effortlessly cool and urban feel.


Granite Noir

Stylish Granite Industrial Kitchen with Steel Accents
Industrial Luxury Black Kitchen With Granite

Make your kitchen stand out like never before with this stunning, black-hued space. The granite countertops draw your eyes up as the luxurious sheen of stainless steel appliances reflect light and give it a modern industrial feel. Accentuate the look with industrial-style lighting fixtures to complete this captivating design.


Elegante Steel

Refined Industrial Kitchen with Steel Touches: Black and Brown
Sophisticated Industrial Black And Brown Kitchen

Transform your kitchen into an industrial chic haven with black and brown steel cabinets, sleek wooden countertops, and powerful industrial-style lighting fixtures. This modern aesthetic radiates sophistication and class to create a stunning look for the home.


Elevoire Modern

Minimalist Black Kitchen with Industrial touch
Minimalist Feel Black Kitchen With Minimal Accents

Take your kitchen to the next level with this black and stainless steel design. Let the sleek sophistication of black cabinets and stainless steel appliances add a modern yet minimalist industrial touch that will elevate any space.


Rustic Revolution

Industrial Kitchen with a Touch of Wood.
Industrial Fusion Black Kitchen With Wooden Accents

Greet the day with a kitchen inspired by a unique fusion of industrial and rustic styles – boasting bold black tones, inviting wooden accents and awe-inspiring industrial-style lighting fixtures. Create a space that uplifts and energizes your senses!