Art Nouveau Bathroom Ideas

Are you yearning for a fashionable and remarkable way to spruce up your restroom? Art Nouveau is an iconic pattern impeccable for instilling a hint of graciousness into any lair. In this article, we will be flaunting twelve ravishing Art Nouveau washrooms that will indisputably provide you with vast incentive and ideas for embellishing your own bathroom.

From flashy shades and draperies to exemplary constructions and deluxe highlights, these lavatories will help you form an area that mirrors your own idiosyncratic fashion. So, let us examine some of these dazzling Art Nouveau commodes and observe what we can discover!


Lavender Haze

Purple Art Nouveau Bathroom
Lavender Haze Art Nouveau Bathroom

This Art Nouveau bathroom speaks volumes in its detailed design, boasting a deep lavender wallpaper, a grand clawfoot tub, a porcelain sink, and a dressing table with an elaborately floral mirror. Polished white toilet and a glimmering glass shower unite to create an atmosphere of opulence.


A Marble Masterpiece

Marble Art Nouveau Bathroom
A Marble Masterpiece Art Nouveau Bathroom

This Art Nouveau bathroom is cloaked in a stunning blanket of white marble tiles that cascades across the walls, floor and ceiling. A luxurious clawfoot tub, double sink vanity adorned with intricate mirrors, and a glossy white toilet round out this exquisite design.


Refined Elegance

Luxurious Art Nouveau Bathroom
Refined Elegance Art Nouveau Bathroom

The luxuriously sophisticated Art Nouveau bathroom is adorned with damask wallpaper stretching from floor to ceiling, featuring a graceful floral pattern. Gleaming in ivory and gold, the porcelain sink, toilet, and bathtub complemented by the chrome shower diverter, complete this opulent space.


Emerald Forest

Emerald Colored Art Nouveau Bathroom
Emerald Forest Art Nouveau Bathroom

Adorning the walls and floors of the Art Nouveau-style bathroom are dazzling emerald green tiles. An elegant sink with a shining gold-plated faucet and pristine white toilet harmonize perfectly with the majestic clawfoot bathtub and shower.


A Blush of Pink

Art Nouveau Bathroom in Pink
A Blush Of Pink Art Nouveau Bathroom

This Art Nouveau bathroom is adroitly attired with a powder pink wallpaper, accompanied by a clawfoot tub with intricate feet. A double sink vanity with beveled mirrors, a pristine toilet, and a glass shower serve to provide the finishing touches.

Dreamy Blue Art Nouveau Bathroom

This Art Nouveau-inspired bathroom boasts a deep navy-blue wallpaper with an elegant floral pattern. At the center of the room is a stunning white clawfoot tub with gold-plated fixtures, complemented by a sleek single sink vanity and glossy white toilet. Radiantly illuminating this oasis is a gold-plated shower diverter, creating a luxurious environment for relaxation.


A Gilded Palace

Luxurious Marble & Gold Art Nouveau Bathroom
A Gilded Palace Art Nouveau Bathroom

This Art Nouveau bathroom is dazzlingly adorned with luxurious gold and white marble tiles. A stately white clawfoot tub, a two-sink vanity boasting intricate golden fixtures, and a pristine white toilet come together to create a picture of opulence and refinement.


Diamonds & Pearls

Art Nouveau Bathroom with Pearl Accents
Diamonds Pearls Art Nouveau Bathroom

Brilliant gray tiles, ornamented with delicate pearl accents, adorn the walls and floor of this Art Nouveau bathroom. An ornate single sink vanity with a shimmering golden faucet sits beneath a pristine white toilet, while a classic clawfoot tub completes the opulent setting.


Denim & Diamonds

Deep Blue & Gold Art Nouveau Bathroom
Denim Diamonds Art Nouveau Bathroom

This Art Nouveau bathroom sparkles with presence. Its walls are lined with deep blue denim tiles, and a golden-plated shower diverter adds luxury to the clawfoot tub. The vanity is ornamented with gold details, and the toilet stands pure white. Together, they create an awe-inspiring experience.


Golden Sunlight

Bright Gold Art Nouveau Bathroom
Golden Sunlight Art Nouveau Bathroom

The bathroom is styled in striking Art Nouveau, with lustrous gold tiles adorning the walls and floors. A white clawfoot tub stands tall beside a vanity boasting golden hardware and two sinks, with a pristine white toilet rounding out the ensemble.


A Floral Fantasy

Art Nouveau Bathroom in Floral Style
A Floral Fantasy Art Nouveau Bathroom

The Art Nouveau-style bathroom bursts with life, its walls adorned in bright pink wallpaper decorated with a showy floral pattern. The interior scene is rounded out with a gleaming porcelain sink and a pristine white toilet, while an opulent clawfoot tub featuring a chrome shower diverter acts as the crowning glory of the space.


Silver Starlight

Art Nouveau Bathroom in Metallic Silver
Silver Starlight Art Nouveau Bathroom

This Art Nouveau bathroom is an exquisite sight to behold. Gleaming silver tiles adorn the walls and floors, while a stately white clawfoot tub, an elegant vanity featuring ornate silver-plated fixtures, and a pristine toilet provide an air of sumptuousness.