Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Designs

Get your creative wheels turning with these fifteen eye-catching mid-century modern bedroom designs! From rustic wallpaper to minimalistic lines, you can give your bedroom a stunning update that will surely make a lasting impression.

With organic shapes, neutral colors and an emphasis on practicality, you’ll find something you love whether your preference is for a cozy cocoon or an airy space. So, if you’re ready to modernize your bedroom, now’s the perfect time to explore what mid-century modern has to offer!

A Touch of the Tropics

Mid-Century Modern Bedroom – A Bright And Airy Modern Bedroom Featuring A Rattan Bed Frame With A Colorful Tropical Print Bedspread, A Spinning Ceiling Fan, And An Abstract Art Piece Hung Above The Bed.

When entering this delightful mid-century modern bedroom, one can’t help but be captivated by the bright and airy atmosphere. The sleek rattan bed frame is offset by a striking tropical print bedspread and at its center spins a calming ceiling fan. Above hangs a vibrant abstract art piece, the finishing touch to this sublime space.

Minimalist & Elegant

Mid-Century Modern Bedroom – A Sleek And Chic Modern Bedroom Featuring A Low-Profile Platform Bed With A Crisp White Headboard, A Simple Wooden Dresser, And A Geometric Patterned Area Rug.

Step into this luxurious and stylish Mid-Century Modern bedroom. Feast your eyes on the tantalizing low-profile platform bed with its exquisite white headboard, gorgeous wooden dresser, and eye-catching geometric patterned area rug – giving the room an inviting, yet opulent ambience.

Naturalism & Comfort

Mid-Century Modern Bedroom – A Cozy And Inviting Modern Bedroom Featuring A Wooden Canopy Bed With A Neutral-Colored Bedspread, A Rattan Armchair, And A Large Potted Plant.

A classic modern bedroom awaits, inviting you in with its wooden canopy bed dressed up in a cozy neutral-colored bedspread and accessorized with an elegant rattan armchair and a lush potted plant. Step inside and be enveloped by sophistication!

Art Deco Allure

Mid-Century Modern Bedroom – A Glamorous Modern Bedroom Featuring A Tufted Velvet Bed Frame, A Mirrored Dresser, And A Gallery Wall Of Art Deco Prints.

This mid-century modern bedroom boasts a luxurious velvet bed frame with plush tufts, an attention-grabbing mirrored dresser, and a stunning gallery wall of decadent art deco prints – offering a beguiling space sure to capture the imagination.

Contemporary Charm

Mid-Century Modern Bedroom – A Contemporary Modern Bedroom Featuring A Low-Profile Platform Bed With A Clean-Lined Headboard, A White Lacquered Nightstand, And A Modern Abstract Art Piece Hung Above The Bed.

Sleek, stylish, and chic – this mid-century modern bedroom exudes a contemporary charm. Its low-profile platform bed boasts a striking headboard with clean lines that adds to its sophisticated appeal, while the white lacquered nightstand and abstract art piece hung above the bed make it an exquisite sanctuary for restful nights and relaxation.

Retro Revival

Mid-Century Modern Bedroom – A Retro Modern Bedroom Featuring A Bold Graphic Bedspread, A Vintage-Inspired Armchair, And A Bright Yellow Accent Wall.

Step inside this captivating mid-century modern bedroom, featuring a striking graphic bedspread, a classic armchair with timeless appeal, and an invigorating yellow accent wall. Transform your space and indulge in the nostalgia of days gone by!

Organic Elegance

Mid-Century Modern Bedroom – An Organic Modern Bedroom Featuring A Natural Wooden Bed Frame, A Woven Rattan Headboard, And A Glass Terrarium Filled With Succulents.

Transform your bedroom into a magnificent Mid-Century Modern wonderland with a classy wooden bed frame, a stunning rattan headboard, and a captivating glass terrarium overflowing with vibrant succulents. Create an energizing atmosphere of organic luxury!

Texture & Color

Mid-Century Modern Bedroom – A Vibrant Modern Bedroom Featuring A Velvet Headboard With A Bold Geometric Pattern, A Bright Pink Armchair, And A Macrame Wall Hanging.

Step into a luxurious Mid-Century Modern Bedroom and be dazzled by the plush velvet headboard adorned with a striking geometric design. Catch your eye next is the bright pink armchair, set off perfectly by the intricate macrame wall hanging – making it an inviting and engaging space.

Subdued Sophistication

Mid-Century Modern Bedroom – A Sophisticated Modern Bedroom Featuring A Low-Profile Bed Frame With A Velvet Headboard, A Wood And Metal Nightstand, And A Gray Shaggy Area Rug.

Transform your home into an inviting retreat with this Mid-Century Modern Bedroom. Boasting a plush velvet headboard, bedrocking a low-profile bed frame, and perched atop a contemporary gray area rug, this look is rounded out by a stylish metal and wood nightstand for holding belongings and creating ambiance. Unwind in refined sophistication with this dreamy design!

Industrial Edge

Mid-Century Modern Bedroom – An Industrial Modern Bedroom Featuring A Metal Bed Frame With A Concrete Headboard, A Wire Mesh Nightstand, And A Distressed Metal Wall Sconce.

Outfit your Mid-Century Modern bedroom with an industrial flair! Complete the look with a sleek and stylish metal bed frame boasting a unique concrete headboard that pairs perfectly with an eye-catching wire mesh nightstand and a stunning distressed metal wall sconce. Create an inviting atmosphere perfect for relaxation or entertaining!

Color Play

Mid-Century Modern Bedroom – A Playful Modern Bedroom Featuring A Teal Bed Frame With A Graphic Print Bedspread, A Bright Yellow Armchair, And An Ombre Wall Mural.

Step into your fresh and vibrant mid-century modern bedroom complete with a teal bed frame and eye-catching graphic print bedspread, an energizing yellow armchair, and a striking ombre wall mural. Transform your space into the perfect haven for relaxation.

Energetic Vibrancy

Mid-Century Modern Bedroom – A Vibrant Modern Bedroom Featuring A Bright Orange Bed Frame, A Geometric Patterned Area Rug, And A Framed Wallpaper Art Piece Hung Above The Bed.

Step into this eye-catching mid-century modern bedroom, featuring a striking orange bed frame, an eclectically patterned area rug, and a captivating artwork hung above the bed. Transform your space with this vibrant and engaging decor!

Natural Neutral

Mid-Century Modern Bedroom – A Calming Modern Bedroom Featuring A Wooden Bed Frame, A Natural Woven Headboard, A Rattan Nightstand, And A Potted Fiddle Leaf Fig.

Welcome to the mid-century modern bedroom, where you can find the perfect serenity. Complementing the charming wooden bed frame and natural woven headboard is a rattan nightstand, topped off with a potted fiddle leaf fig for a pop of greenery. This cozy space is sure to bring peace and relaxation to any home.

Geometric Glamour

Mid-Century Modern Bedroom – A Glamourous Modern Bedroom Featuring A Velvet Bed Frame With Bold Geometric Pattern, A Mirrored Dresser, And A Textured Wall Hanging.

Dive into an immersing, modern bedroom design with a glamorous velvet bed featuring a bold geometric pattern, a dazzling mirrored dresser, and opulent texture throughout the striking wall hanging. Create your own chic mid-century oasis!

Modern Luxury

Mid-Century Modern Bedroom – An Opulent Modern Bedroom Featuring A Tufted Velvet Bed Frame, A Mirrored Nightstand, And A Chandelier Hanging From The Ceiling.

Transform your contemporary bedroom oasis with this stunning set featuring a plush velvet-tufted bed frame, luminous mirrored nightstand, and glittering chandelier to make your days brighter. Create an inviting atmosphere while making a statement 365 days of the year.