Tri-Colour Appaloosa Cowhide Leather Rug, Medium

The Appaloosa Cowhides Natural Cowhide Leather Rug is a tri-colour, handmade masterpiece, enhancing any room with its simple elegance. With over 25 years of leather craftsmanship, each rug boasts unique patterns and marks, offering a distinctive, luxurious touch to modern interiors.
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  • Handcrafted from high-quality upcycled materials sourced from ethical and responsible farms
  • Each cowhide rug features a unique tri-colour design, selected for its high quality to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Ideal for enhancing any room – be it bedroom, office, or living room – with a modern and elegant touch
  • Made from genuine cowhide leather, offering a luxurious feel incomparable to faux leather alternatives
  • Over 25 years of experience in crafting timeless leather rugs, emphasizing responsible sourcing and quality
  • Each rug possesses distinctive features, including natural scratches or burn marks, adding to its unique character
  • Product dimensions are 243.84 x 182.88 x 0.03 cm, weighing 3.99 kg, crafted from premium cow leather