RUGSREAL Washable Boho Moroccan Rug

This high-quality polyester rug is durable, pet-friendly, and features a non-slip backing for safety. Its Modern Moroccan Boho design adds style to any room, and it's also easy to clean and maintain.
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Crafted with high-quality polyester fibers, this rug offers unparalleled softness and durability. Perfect for families with kids and pets, its low synthetic fibers resist dirt and debris, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas.

The modern Moroccan design adds a touch of chic elegance to any room, effortlessly blending with various decor styles. Whether you’re cozying up with a book in the living room or creating a playful space for your children, this rug is a versatile addition that transforms any space into a haven of comfort and style.

Perfect For

  • The modern, stylish family
  • Living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and home offices
  • Modern farmhouse, classic European, mid-century modern, and bohemian decor styles
  • Neutral and earthy color schemes

Why You’ll Love It

  • Unmatched comfort for barefoot walking and lounging
  • Durability that withstands high traffic areas
  • Pet-friendly design that resists dirt and debris

What People Like

“The design is simple yet elegant, fitting perfectly in my gray-themed bathroom. I love the low pile and texture—it’s exactly what I was looking for.”

“The 2′ x 6′ size fits perfectly in my entryway, adding a touch of style and warmth. The distressed design gives it a trendy bohemian look, and the taupe color is incredibly versatile.”

“Functional and beautiful! The non-slip backing is fantastic, providing added safety in high-traffic areas. The washable feature is a game-changer for easy maintenance.”

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