Paco Home Washable Short Pile Rug

The elegant rug has a simple, monochrome design made of 100% polypropylene, with a pile height of 18 mm and a weight of 1,500 g/m², suitable for home living rooms and is washable.
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  • Elegant rug with a simple, monochrome design – enhances your favourite room with a dreamlike ambience.
  • Material: Made of 100% polypropylene for durability and comfort.
  • Pile Height: Features a comfortable 18 mm pile height.
  • Weight: Has a substantial weight of 1,500 g/m², ensuring it stays in place.
  • Quality Assurance: Tested for harmful substances to ensure safety and health in your home.

Suitable Rooms:

  • Living Room
  • Bedroom
  • Study
  • Dining Room
  • Hallway


  • Simple, Modern
  • Monochrome