Meiwitt Real Sheepskin White Rug

The Meiwitt® Sheepskin Rug Real Fur White (6 Furs) is a natural white rug, sized about 180-200 cm by 150-170 cm, with a soft pile length of 5-10 cm, made using eco-friendly alum tanning.
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  • Authentic eco sheepskin rug, crafted from 6 individual furs for a luxurious feel.
  • Boasts a natural white color, enhancing its elegant and pristine appearance.
  • Generously sized, with dimensions approximately 180-200cm in length and 150-170cm in width, suitable for spacious areas.
  • Features a plush pile length of around 5 – 10 cm, offering softness and comfort underfoot.
  • The rug is finished with white, soft leather through environmentally friendly alum tanning process.

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