Large Round Lambskin Wool Fur Rug

This product is a 100% genuine natural lambskin rug with a non-slip backing, featuring 8 cm thick ultra-dense fleece that is comfortable, durable, and suitable for all seasons and users, including children.
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  • Made from 100% genuine natural lambskin with an 8 cm premium ultra-dense fleece, ensuring luxury and comfort.
  • Features a non-slip backing to protect the integrity of the lambskin and ensure safety during use.
  • Designed for durability with color that never runs and wool that never falls off, backed by a free return policy for any discrepancies.
  • Natural and healthy, offering breathability and sweat-absorption, making it suitable for all types of individuals, including children.
  • Regulates temperature effectively, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer for year-round comfort.

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