IPEA Real Lambskin Rug - Made in Italy


The IPEA Lambskin White Rug is a real sheepskin rug made in Italy, known for its softness, durability, and elegant design, ideal for adding comfort and warmth to any room or furniture. It measures approximately 110-120 cm, fitting well into various interior spaces.

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  • Authentic Italian sheepskin rug, crafted by skilled artisans for superior softness, shine, and durability.
  • Soft, dense fur with a vibrant color typical of high-quality leather, providing elegance and refinement to any space.
  • Versatile use in living rooms, bedrooms, or as a cozy addition to sofas, armchairs, and beds.
  • Generous dimensions of approximately 110-120 cm, designed with an elegant and refined pattern to complement any decor.
  • Offers exceptional comfort and warmth, enhancing the coziness of any room with its thermal properties.

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Enhance your home with the exquisite IPEA Lambskin White Rug, a luxurious addition crafted from real sheepskin in Italy. Measuring 110/120 cm, this natural lambskin rug stands out with its soft and thick fur, providing unmatched comfort and warmth. Its elegant design makes it a perfect choice for anyone looking to add a decorative touch to their bedroom or living space. With its superior craftsmanship, this real sheepskin rug from Italy is a timeless piece that promises durability and style, making it a must-have for discerning homeowners.