Exotic Cowhide Rug

This Exotic Cowhide Rug is a soft, high-quality rug from South American cattle, with a true-to-image brown/black color and professionally repaired blemishes for a flawless finish. It measures 195 cm by 183 cm and is free from any unpleasant smell.
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  • High-quality, soft cowhide rugs without any bad smell.
  • Real skins that look like the photos, though colors might slightly vary.
  • Made from top-grade skins of free-range cattle from South America.
  • Small imperfections are fixed for a perfect look with no holes.
  • Size: 195 cm long and 183 cm wide, mainly in brown and black.
  • Made by Patagonia Leather Rugs, Model 775, in black and brown leather.