Cowhide Rug Brown & White 150x210cm

This cowhide rug in brown and white is a natural, authentic piece that brings both comfort and style to any space. Measuring 150 x 210 cm, it features a soft suede back and discreet repairs for a flawless finish, ensuring each rug’s unique charm.
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  • Authentic Cowhide: Crafted from 100% natural cowhide leather with a soft suede backing.
  • Distinctive Design: Unique brown and white color scheme, with each rug featuring its own patterns.
  • Convenient Delivery: Comes with the assurance of free shipping and timely arrival.
  • Subtle Repairs: Natural imperfections are minimally and carefully mended.
  • Optimal Size: Measures 150 x 210 cm, offering a significant decorative impact while remaining manageable.