Altlue Large White Lambskin Fur Rug

The Altlue Lambskin Rug is made from 100% real full lambskin with an 8 cm pile height, offering a thick, soft, and luxurious feel without any smell. It's durable, made of 4 complete skins, natural, eco-friendly, and promotes health by regulating temperature and absorbing sweat, making it ideal for everyone including long-term bedridden individuals.
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  • 100% real full lambskin with 8 cm pile height, offering ultra-dense, high-quality fur.
  • Comfortable and odorless, featuring thick, soft fur that feels luxurious.
  • Durable construction from 4 complete lambskins, with a guarantee against wool shedding.
  • Natural and environmentally friendly, real lambskin fur suitable for children.
  • Healthy choice with natural wool properties, providing warmth in winter, coolness in summer, and breathability.

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